You Talked Yourself Out Of It, Huh?

“You talked yourself out of it, Huh? “

[You know some things irk my nerves bruh! That was my exact feeling after letting that question marinate for a good 27 seconds. God will show you all of YOU real quick!]

So, I long to have [ALL of everything] that God has for me but sometimes I find myself talking myself out of it.  Recently I was in the mall walking around one of my favorite stores. I saw several things that I liked, and I actually picked up a few things also. The longer I walked around the store with the items in hand, the more I talked myself out of purchasing them.  

-You don’t need that!  

-It doesn’t look right on you. (Yeah, Men do that too)

-You have enough clothes already. 

And before you know it, as everyone began to check out…there I was…EMPTY HANDED! 

My brother looked at me and said, 

“What happened, you talked yourself out of it, Huh?” and kept on walking. 

Yep! I answered immediately.

And then thought about it……

Wait…”Tuh” *Shrugs Shoulders* 

Bruh…that question had me on LOCK! Do any of you remember “That’s So Raven” and the FROZEN gesture she’d make when she was having a vision? Well that’s how I was. 

See, I’m a firm believer that God uses some people and examples from your own situations to throw SHADE, and not like we do to be shady (cause you know how we do) but to stop us in our tracks so that we can analyze some things and giving us an opportunity to make them better. Being asked that question made me realize what I’ve been doing with my life a lot lately. 

Often I get shook after putting in lots of work towards my personal vision that God has given. While I’m working it’s like I can actually see the completed project. I see lives changing for the better and then it’s like “Whew Lord, That’s a Lot” and then I’m overwhelmed.  And before you know it, here I am talking myself out of taking the next step. 


Yeah, I know. 

See,  I know that on the next level there will be an opportunity to change the world just a little bit more and believe me that’s really what I want. However, that makes me a little uneasy. I mean it’s “uncharted territory”. I haven’t been there before and I really wanna go but boyyyyyy #IssaScary move. 

And then I remember….

In the book of Joshua where we’re told numerous times to be strong and courageous. Joshua was preparing to cross the Jordan and considering all of the adversity he would face, it was important to know that he needed to be Strong and Courageous. This is very pertinent in walking towards what God has for you. Being courageous means to not be deterred by danger, not being slowed down by what may scare you….Being Courageous means to #MIB Move In BOLDNESS.  

Not only is Joshua told to be Strong and Courageous, he was given a promise that just brightens my day every time I think about it. 

A promise of ownership! 

“I have given you every place on which the sole of your foot treads, just as I promised to Moses.” –JOSHUA 1:3

This particular scripture uplifts me every time I think about it. As long as we keep God’s word in our mouth (well actually Speak The Word) then…

•God has promised Us ownership!

•He has promised Us His Company!

•He has promised Us prosperity/success wherever we go. 

So now, every time I think about talking myself out of something, I talk myself into it. If God has it for me then I want it! 

Father, help me remain strong and courageous as I cross my personal Jordan. Amen