YOU Give Them Something To Eat

Thanksgiving is right around the corner (Oh yeah, Christmas too!) and this is my second time fellowshipping outside of my own family. Unfortunately, my family is quite scattered, some living in Maryland, D.C. and northern Virginia. It hasn’t really been the same since my great Aunt passed away about 3 years ago and she was the last clan of the Carter family. As time went on it seems as if no one wants to come home anymore. Some of my family just can’t come together because of finances, impaired physically and other obligations. I often sit and reminisce on those times we have come together laughing, singing, cooking and YES, the eating!

Now, to most people they think I don’t eat a lot, which is not true, because I actually do. Some believe it
to be because of my size and because I don’t eat what they fix. Yes, I’m a picky eater and my family
knows it. Unfortunately outside of my family, people have to find out that I am picky. These situations
and environments are where I get very uncomfortable and sometimes insecure because of the
comments I have to hear about my choices over and over again. When I was younger, my mom would
tell me “You better learn how to fix other foods because people are not going to eat like you do.” My mother’s words stuck with me for years…

“You better learn how to fix other foods because people are not going to eat like you do” this statement
made me think of Matthew 14:16 – “They do not need to go away,” Jesus told them. “You give them
something to eat.” A miracle was taking place after tragedy had struck and the disciples were in for a
lesson of their lives and me too. The disciples were focused on the environment (remote place), the
time (it’s getting late), the people (the crowds) and food (buy themselves some food). Jesus on the other
hand didn’t care about the circumstances because he had compassion on them and he knew it was a
great opportunity to teach and bless. I’m sure a lot of the people who were hungry never ate what Jesus
prepared on that day. This was a new dish…with some familiar ingredients, but the chef was different
from their cooks at home. I’m sure if I was one of those people that evening, I would have been like “What
kind of fish is that? I don’t like whiting, bass or catfish. What kind of bread is that?” All those questions
wouldn’t have mattered which I know because Jesus said give me what you have – picky or not – because I’m going to multiply YOU.

You see every day we have an opportunity to bless multitudes of people no matter the circumstance. It
does not have to be on a holiday with presents that are materialistic or even with “holiday” food. It’s not
going to matter about the environment, the time, type of people and food. You see Jesus was teaching
the disciples what my mother was trying to teach me on fixing foods (the word) to people because there
are many different types of people. You have to learn because mom, dad, uncle, aunt, grandma,
granddad etc won’t always be here physically to teach you. Jesus knew his assignment and not only did
he fed 5 thousand men, besides women and children, but he has fed YOU since that moment. To get full
on him so you have to feed multitudes yourself – picky or not – YOU give them something to eat. I come
to realize Jesus does not want me to operate just on memory alone but to create that type of fellowship
with others. Although, I am picky, I cannot pick and choose God’s word. Throughout my whole life, I
have always made sure I fixed foods that I don’t eat and pray it taste good because I can’t taste test it. I
could have made the decision to not care, not learn and tell people I can’t help you go away. Jesus knew
even dying on the cross that everyone is not going to eat like he does, but it didn’t stop his assignment.
Although it may be an uncomfortable environment, people may make comments about you that make you feel insecure (etc), you may want people to go away and figure it out, but YOU have to give them something to eat.