Bruh, It’s Personal!

Bruh, It’s Personal

6:30 am -June 12, 2013- Morning Mentee Mentor Workout

Mr. Brandon: “John-John, Can you pray us out before we start camp?”

Me: Bruh thank you for protecting us and guiding us as we were out running this morning. And, Whew, Bruh, thank You for giving us air in our lungs because You knew that we were out of breath and tired. God, I ask that you will continue to give us peace for the day and give us the strength that we need to make it. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

After I said “Amen” it was completely silent. You could see the boys’ faces about to explode trying to keep from laughing. None of my mentees wanted to say anything that would hurt my feelings and as blunt as they are, they were so considerate when it came to certain things. Apparently, they knew prayer was sacred. However, I could tell they had so many questions. Later that day, one of my kids came to me and asked about my prayer that I prayed after the boys and I finished working out. “Mr. Sirdré, Quez said that Mr. Brandon asked you to pray this morning after the workout and that it was hilarious, he said that he’s never heard anyone pray like that before”. As the day went by, I had several kids that kept asking me about that morning’s workout and the prayer. It wasn’t until one kid asked me specifically about why I kept saying “BRUH!”. God allowed the right kid to ask me while all the other youth were around so that they could also understand. This particular kid put his brother in every situation, I don’t care if he was in NYC and his brother was in Timbuktu, he was going to make his brother a part of the situation even if he wasn’t a part of the situation. And Lord, don’t let him get into an altercation with another peer then it’s “Keep On, Imma get my brother on you”.

Anyway, I asked the kid a question…”If you’re in a situation and this gang was about to jump you, who would you call?”  He answered without hesitation and said My Brother! I asked another question “Why?”…and he said because my brother ain’t gonna let anybody hurt me, he’ll come and REGULATE !” I looked at him and I said EXACTLY!  Jesus Christ is the Son of God and we consider ourselves to be children of God, so that’s my brother! I kept it simple for him.

I’ve always been a man of faith but the moment I fully understood that I was a child of God, I soon realized that Jesus is my big brother. Growing up I always wanted a big brother, because just like the kid said ….. A big brother will not let anybody hurt you. I know if I had a big brother growing up I would have talked to him about the personal things, the times I felt rejected, the times I felt hurt, the times I wanted to give up and throw in the towel and I would talk to my big brother about the happy times and sad times.

Older brothers just seem to know what it is like to go through, so to me the “Bruh” in my prayer is personal because He reminds me of the time He was tempted and overcame. Isn’t it an honor to have such an awesome and amazing brother; He’s intrepid, adventurous, full of life, a promise keeper that cannot lie, courageous, He loves and chastises simultaneously, He’s the Master #REGULATOR!

I’m sharing this with hopes to encourage someone because even recently when I’ve become overwhelmed at times I am reminded that  Jesus [Bruh] said come to me all who are weary and carry heavy burdens and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28) I am reminded in times when I just want to call it quits that “Bruh” will restore the joy of my salvation and give me a willing spirit to sustain me  -and- that IT WILL work-out because He has plans for me to prosper (Psalm 51:12, Jeremiah 29:11).

John 14:6 says — Jesus said to him, I am the (only) WAY (to God) and the (real) TRUTH and the (real) LIFE; no one comes to the Father but through Me!

Jesus is BRUH, man!